Our Team

Everyone I've worked with has a little bio here.

Brook Warner Jensen

Creative Lead and the guy writing this thing. He's a writer and programmer from Vancouver interested in making games about people trying to get their shit together (because he definitely has his). He writes short stories and other things on his blog and occasionally posts things to Twitter @brwarner92.

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher is a composer and bassist working out of Toronto. His works for jazz orchestra, chamber ensembles, and duos have been played in venues such as Toronto's Rex Hotel, and Walter Hall. His digital arts include cooperation with the Sheridan School of Classical Animation, independent game studios such as Brwarner Studios, as well as various podcasts about video game culture. You can find him on the web at theliamgallagher.com, he tweets @LiamGiiV.

Ryan Tan


Traci Dow

Nestled in the heart of Kitchener, Ontario; Traci Dow is a business analyst by trade, but artist by nature. She is passionate about collaboration and has collaborated on a number of artistic and community projects. She loves to see how people’s contributions can come together to create something greater than the sum of their parts. She is focused on exploring ways to facilitate meaningful expression and community.

David Deschamps


Vivian Li

Vivian, a.k.a. Vivay Li, is an illustrator and designer from Vancouver. She loves to bring fictional worlds to life through digital paintings, which is why she's passionate about working in the digital entertainment industry. You can find her work at vivayli.com and Tumblr.

Jonathan Semple

Designer, Developer, and Writer.

Yoshi Yoshida


George Serban


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