Grofast Industries

"They took something from you, didn't they? They beat the fight out of you." - Henry Fuller, 2042


After her partner's death in a gruesome metal mill accident, Jennifer Holdings, former sex worker turned steel worker, finds herself trapped between an encroaching union, an elected but stale board, her past, her future, the police, and the company president who she just so happens to be sleeping with. Surrounded by supposed heroes and polarizing rhetoric, can she find her own way? Can you?

A choose-your-own-adventure game about guilt, doubt, and heroism that focuses more on navigating feelings than deciding what comes next.


  • Think, see, say, go, and do. Don't just choose dialogue, choose where to let your thoughts wander or what catches your eye.
  • Learn about the world and feelings of Jennifer Holdings by playing through her eyes.
  • Explore Grofast Industries, a metal mill in 2042, Hamilton, Canada.
  • Doubt yourself.
  • Insist you're not a hero.


Canadian Peer Driven Sex Work Organizations and Allies

Pace Society: By, With & For Sex Workers Since 1994

FIRST: Decriminalize Sex Work

Twenty percent of all revenue will be donated to the PACE Society. Better yet, donate to organizations yourself!


Brook Jensen: Writer, Developer

Liam Gallagher: Composer and Sound Designer

Emily Hjermstad: Cover Artist

Last Modified: 08 December 2016