... It's You: A Breakup Story

I am dating you despite you. Despite your therapist, despite your hang ups, and despite your coloured flaws.

Status: In Development


After a long shift at the hospital, Carle arrives home and is content to spend the night idly scrolling through twitter until eventually sucumming to sleep. Instead, she gets a call from her boyfriend, and decide if this relationship is really worth staying in.

A real-time visual novel about gaslighting, insecurity, and the expectation of free emotional labour.


  • Chat on the phone with a guy who is really not that great.
  • Listen, groan, and argue.
  • Wonder if this is worth it; wonder if it's worth ending.
  • Twitter.



Brook Jensen: Writer

Traci Dow: Writer

David Deschamps: Developer

Vivian Li: Artist and UI Designer

Last Modified: 25 June 2017