... It's You: A Breakup Story

Empathy... is my albatross

Status: In Development


Have you ever felt stuck in a relationship? Have you ever felt trapped, not because you were being forced to stay, but because you couldn't bring yourself to say no, this is not good for me, this is not what I want? Have you ever had to contend with narcissistic tech bros?

We have. And we decided to make a game about it.

... It's You: A Breakup Story is a video game where it is them, not you. The game is both an examination and critique of patterns of emotional abuse and those who use them but also a permission slip that says you are allowed to say no. It's a story-driven sandbox that ends whenever you want it to end. Whether you spend your energy arguing or you hit the block button on ring one, you decide what feels fair and justified to you.

And in this game, no matter how it was for you in real life, your friends are gonna support you. And for every asshole who'll @ you to defend your boyfriend, there'll be ten people who'll message you to say that they care.


  • Chat on the phone with a guy who is really not that great.
  • Listen, groan, and argue.
  • Wonder if this is worth it; wonder if it's worth ending.
  • Hang up, block, or quit at any time.
  • Twetter.



Brook Jensen: Writer

Traci Dow: Writer

Raegan Millhollin: Writer

David Deschamps: Developer

Vivian Li: Artist and UI Designer

Liam Gallagher: Composer, Audio Engineer

Jacob Burgess: Voice Actor

Last Modified: 18 April 2018