About Us

Together [politics, education, and advertisment] cover a broad swath of human social experience, areas that are largely broken in contemporary culture, and areas I believe videogames can help restore, and not just in small part
- Ian Bogost, Procedural Rhetoric (2007)

I believe video games, like any cultural artifact (movies, books, television) have the power to touch hearts and change minds. Not every game I make will try, and those that do may fail, but the goal is to keep trying no matter what.

Who am I

My name is Brook Warner Jensen, programmer, writer and designer. I written a whole bunch of shorts, which can be found on my blog and now I work on video games. I have a degree in Computer Science with a minor in English Language and Literature from the University of Waterloo. I hope to write stories people will care about.

What Is This

Brwarner Studios is a loose collection of people interested in game development, whether that means making music, art, code, or prose. Mutual interest brings us together, and potentially also apart. Someone has an idea, and those interested stand with them. We're young, with various degrees of experience, and are prepared to do the work to give something of value to our community.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us by email, Twitter, or Facebook. Please do, nothing is more interesting than hearing from strangers.

Last Modified: 01 July 2015